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The Great Beginning

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Hello! welcome and thanks for reaching this.

First of all I would like to introduce ourselves, we are basically a family, brothers and sisters, we believe each one is talented and everyone is important, once you find whatever you hope or talent is, fight and struggle to make it worth.

Therefore, we came up with an idea, maybe not new .. but definitely what we offer is unique and there's nothing similar to it.

CuteGhost is our company's name, we will make educational apps for children, in the beginning we have something like learning the addition/subtraction/etc., and these ideas is not new, but the way we teach it is completely unique.

We will improve the website, and we will work on the social media accounts, we will post any further updates or new applications in the social media accounts.

Last thing I would like to say, we really like to hear all your comments and opinions, if you felt something is going wrong or you have better ideas please keep us updated, we appreciate all your supports <3.

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